10 New Stories from the author "Aborigen". [Members]

There are 10 new Stories in the Members Area>Stories for the author Aborigen.

Incredibly well written and descriptive, these stories are also rich in multi-cultural knowledge elements.

Each author has a page with a list of his story titles. Each title links to the full text Story. A great Rating System has also been implemented so you may vote and see how other members have voted each story. 

See attached image example. 


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There you can find answers to all your questions and a lot of additional info. Some of this info can also be found throughout the website's pages but, here you have it all concentrated in one single place.

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NOTICE: Please read!

The website is now open for registrations. There are however some pages being finished and some content that still neds to be uploaded so, please don't find that weird.

Everything will be finished very soon and I will announce it here.



Upcoming Movies

I have been working on several projects at the same time. More pointedly, 10 videos are being produced at the same time:

  • 1: Mini Mister 3 (aka "The Photographer"), featuring Vicky
  • 2: Mini Mister 4 (aka "Phone Contest"), featuring Eden Apocalypse
  • 3: Mini Mister 5 (aka "Blind Date"), featuring Vicky
  • 4: Mini Mister 6 (aka "The Bodyguard"), featuring Ruby
  • 5: Mini Mister 7 (aka "The Model"), featuring Barbie
  • 6: Mini Mister 8 (aka "The Burglar"), featuring Syllua
  • 7: Mini Mister 9 (aka "Woodhenge Nymph"), featuring Darenzia
  • 8: Quantum - Mini Mister Special Edition, featuring Deeane
  • 9: Shrinking Lab - Gentle/Evil Giantess Video featuring Deeane
  • 10: The Ring - Short Shrinking Video featuring Deeane

An Adventurous Journey [2006]

This chronicle used to be posted at the old Blog, hosted by Giantess Dot Com, but I'm reposting it here now, as an "old story".

On August 8th 2006 (about 2 years ago) I travelled to the United Kingdom for a colaboration with Chilean Rose (GTS/Crush website) on the production of the Mini Mister video series. It all began with some emails exchange with Rose (Chilean Rose founder), and then I sarted collaging for her website and she started photographing her models for me to make collages for my website. Eventually these mutual colaborations developed into an idea of having Chilean Rose models featuring in Giantess Fatale Video Productions.

This is the story of that journey to the U.K. and the adventure behind that colaboration.

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